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Best roof cleaning services and moss removal in Northampton.
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Roof Painting in Northamptonshire

Exterior Cleaning Solutions is the go-to company for roof maintenance. We provide our clients with advanced roof painting services with state-of-the-art equipment and procedures!

At Exterior Cleaning Solutions we master the use of the cutting-edge Q-Tech QT190 airless sprayer and ensure excellent results that exceed expectations.

We take pride in our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Not only do we utilise advanced equipment, but we also incorporate eco-conscious cleaning solutions.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond just the cleanliness of your roof; it reflects our ethos of responsible stewardship of the environment.

With Exterior Cleaning Solutions, you can trust that your roof maintenance needs will be met with efficiency, effectiveness, and a mindful consideration for the nature.

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Why Choose Our Roof Cleaning and Painting in Northampton

● Soft washing that won't damage your tiles
● Restores and enhances the appearance of your roof
● Expert cleaning equipment and ladders for a thorough job
● High quality paint that is guaranteed to last 15 years
● Ensures a protected and functional roof
● A fully insured cleaning company

Our Roof Painting Process

Our roof painting process entails specific steps, as follows:

  1. Step one--- steam clean the roof

Steam cleaning is the first step we take in roof cleaning. Our technicians use high-pressure steam to remove dirt, debris, moss, algae, and other contaminants from the roof's surface. The steam cleaning loosens and dislodges difficult stains and growths and prepares the roof for further treatment.

  1. Step two—treat the roof

We use specialized cleaning solutions or chemicals to kill remaining mold, mildew, algae, or moss. Biocides, fungicides, or algaecides that go deep into the surface of the roof will help us stop the growth of organic matter.

The second step prevents the regrowth of mold and algae and expands the cleanliness of the roof. The treatment also extends the time between cleanings.

  1. Step three—Paint the roof

After treating the roof we come back within six weeks to paint the roof with the Q-Tech QT190 airless sprayer. We need to make sure that the surface is entirely dry and free of residual moisture or contaminants.

We can use specialized roof coating or a regular exterior paint designed for use on roofs. Painting the roofs seals and protects the surface and provides an additional barrier that protects against moisture, UV radiation, and environmental damage.

We use high-quality quick-drying and long-lasting masonry paint. It has impressive color retention and protects the roof from all weather conditions. The paint also withstands the coastal weather for a long time. Made with premium acrylic resin, the paint won't crack, flake, or blister and works for extreme weather.

Our trusted Q-Tech QT190 Airless Sprayer

Q-Tech QT190 airless sprayer

At Exterior Cleaning Solutions we know that outstanding equipment is crucial for impressive roof painting results. We use the cutting-edge Q-Tech QT190 airless paint sprayer. The mechanical pressure control ensures precise pressure control down to 700psi for fine finish work.

The easy-to-carry airless spray gun has a long-stroke piston for quiet operation. You won't even know that we are up on the roof and painting it! The motor is strong and the paint sprayer can handle up to 30metres of hose if necessary. The finish is long-lasting and precise thanks to its hard tungsten tip orifice.

  1. Cleanup and inspection

Once we complete the painting, we clean the work area and remove all materials and equipment from the site. Apart from the freshly painted roof, you won]t even notice that we have been there! Our technicians are detail-oriented. We will conduct a final inspection of the quality of the paint job.



Expert Team

No matter what type of roof, we offer domestic roof cleaning and commercial roof cleaning as well. We have different methods for cleaning to protect your roof. We know how to restore the appearance of your roof.
Our team can even replace damaged roof tiles. We use a biocide treatment approach to clean the roof. Our professional team knows how to remove moss from your roof.
The Fast Roof Painting Process
Our roof painting jobs are done in a fast manner. We know the exact procedure to clean and paint a roof. We estimate the roof's condition in no time and act accordingly.
We know how to give your roof a new lease of life. Any roof is cleaned very fast with us and restored to its original colour. Then it is applied a coat of high-performance long-lasting acrylic paint.
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You can call us at 07307 358765 to discuss your roof condition and any questions you might have. We provide a free, no-obligation quote.

We Cover All Of Northamptonshire

We are delighted to inform you that our service is available in Northamptonshire and its vicinity. This includes Northampton and its surrounding areas. From the famous areas of Abington, Kingsthorpe, and Weston Favell to the quaint villages of Kislingbury, Moulton, and Spratton, we will go above and beyond to ensure your roof looks brand new.

Our service can remove moss, stains, and other debris from your roof, then apply a coat of high-performance paint that will last over a decade. We're confident it will meet your needs. Contact our team now at 07307 358765 for a free quotation, and enjoy the best roof cleaning and painting service in Northampton.
freshly painted tile roof on detached house

The Benefits of Our Roof Painting

By incorporating steam cleaning, treatment, and painting into our services, we can provide our customers with unparalleled benefits:

It adds protection

A coat of paint will protect the roof from the elements such as UV rays, rain, snow, and wind. The roof paint will expand the lifespan of the roof and reduce the risk of future damage.

It improves appearance

A freshly painted roof will make a building look better than ever before. It can freshen up the look of the roof and improve the property's curb appeal.

It helps with temperature regulation

Some roof paints can reflect sunlight so the roof and the building below will stay cool. The need for using air conditioning will decrease and so will the energy costs.

It's a preventive maintenance

When professionals are up on the roof, they can detect and solve any issues with the roof. We can manage cracks, leaks, and areas that need repair work. Roof painting jobs can block the growth of mold and mildew.

It increases the property's value

When the roof is in good shape and aesthetically pleasing, the value of the property increases. Potential buyers will be more interested in a property with a freshly painted roof that is in good condition. All in all, roof painting services are an affordable method to protect, maintain, and improve your property's appearance.

Enhance your property's curb appeal and value with our professional roof painting. Trust in Exterior Cleaning Solutions for roof painting jobs. We have the expertise, cutting-edge equipment, and attention to the most minute detail. We will exceed even the highest expectations when it comes to roof painting.

Contact us today to book our roof cleaning services. We will come at a time of your convenience when the climate is appropriate for excellent results.

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